Monday, April 01, 2013


In my post titled "Earning Endorsements" I laid out the qualities and attributes I wanted in my CSM delegates. In this post, I'm going to list the candidates that are at the top of my slate of fourteen, the ones I would vote for regardless of anyone else's slates. I do plan to vote for 14 candidates but the rest I'll pick from other published slates from people I trust.

On to the endorsements...

1) Ripard Teg.

While I don't agree with everything Mr Teg has to say about stuff, I do agree with a lot and I appreciate his thought processes and viewpoints even when different from mine. I feel he argues honestly and is willing to step back when he can be shown wrong, and would bring a seasoned voice of developing compromise and cooperation on the CSM with CCP.

Plus, if he's really busy then he's probably out of the running for the "Most Prolific Eve Blogger - All Time" award.

2) Trebor Daehdoow.

I was going to vote for Trebor anyways due to the hard working and straight thinking he has shown in his previous runs in CSM, but then I moved him up to number two as soon as I saw how much it would piss off Poetic Stanziel.

3) Mike Azariah.

Mike has run before and was always a second or third choice for me and I always felt bad for it because I think he would be a good candidate to represent my actual playstyle! Now that we have STV, I can endorse him and feel good about it.

4) Unforgiven Storm.

I know, I'm surprised as you are that I'm endorsing a Goon candidate but as he's not the "official" Goon running and I like what he had to say on the blog he started up about industrial matters I felt he was worthy of putting high on my ballot.

5) James Arget.

It was hard work going through all the wormhole candidates and trying to figure out the one I thought was good for my endorsement, but eventually James stood above the crowd and while I disagree on a few things he said in some of the podcasts I listened too, I think he's better than the other bunch. Unless I'm confusing him with someone else.

6) Psychotic Monk.

Up until I heard his Crossing Zebras interview I would not have endorsed him, but I was pleasantly surprised by that podcast. I think he brings a valued viewpoint of high sec PvP gameplay to the table and he will lobby for it honestly.

* * * * *

That's it for my personal endorsements. Other people have listed fuller slates and I plan to fill out the rest of my ballot based on them. Good luck!

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  1. Thanks very much! I am honored!

    But you're kidding yourself about that whole prolific EVE blogging thing. ;-)