Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Alternate Title: "Why Low Sec Is A Great Place to Be Right Now"

Faction warfare low sec space is very interesting right now.

You got four militias, each of which are effectively like a dysfunctional alliance, battling it out in eternal war. On top of that you got the pirate groups that come rumbling through the areas every once in awhile, sometimes in small groups and sometimes in heavy battlecruiser gangs. There is always someone shooting something somewhere nearby.

Now throw on to that the recent trend of null sec fleets trundling through low sec and things have stepped up to crazy levels. There was Aryidanika's Eve Radio fleet roam from early march that I was part of, and some TEST alliance ships were buzzing Nennamaila last night in some Tech IIIs that we raised a fleet of cruisers for. Unfortunately they left before we could engage and we roamed a but before stumbling into a TEST tech 1 cruiser fleet.

It was kind of funny. We were heading towards Tama ("there's always a fight to be had in Tama") and we saw a neutral cruiser jump through a gate ahead of us. We jumped through to chase him and found ourselves smack dab in the middle of the test fleet. Primaries were called and the attack started. I don't know if we caught them as unawares as we were but we smashed them despite valiant efforts of their Scythes to keep them in the fight. Our logi were new logi pilots but performed flawlessly.

I used a bit of Veteran's Prerogative when the fight began and went after the Blackbird instead of the primary since the EWAR cruiser was within 12 km and I knew it could be bad news for our fleet if it pulled range. Their logi did a great job keeping it alive but eventually it broke and I was able to turn my attention to a Scythe that was right there while the fleet primaried the second one. It was all over by that point.

This is the second time in as many weeks that the hostiles' fleet logistics were in the midst of the fight instead of standing off at a safe distance. This time could be chalked up to "surprise!" factor.

We lost no ships (the Space Moneky Alliance Comet was not with us) and held the field. Good fight Testies!

Yet another example why Faction Warfare low sec is the place to be right now.


  1. I second this post. Also, I was one of the new logi, and loved it!

  2. "effectively like a dysfunctional alliance"

    Is there another kind that has, thus far, gone entirely undocumented and unmentioned in the history of Eve?