Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Watch Out For Stealth Tornados

I undocked today to sort out my Myrmidon's new drone layout and there was a hostile Prophecy on the undock. I kept an eye on him while I did my business but as he was not yellow boxing me I was not worried.

Then I was in half armour. WTF?!?!

Turns out there was also a hostile Tornado 50 klicks off and he was targeting me. Fortunately I docked and was safe.

I did some checking and saw that my overview settings had new check boxes for the Attack Battlecruisers that Tier 3 battlecruisers have been rechristened as, but it defaults to unchecked.


I didn't lose anything, CCP, but I bet sure as hell someone did.

Remember to update all your tabs' settings, not just your current on.


  1. It doesn't "default" to unchecked.

    It's unchecked because the entry didn't exist before. Whenever something is missing then it's assumed to be "off".

    If you used the "Default" overview settings that new players use for the first few weeks you'll see that this new option has in fact been checked....by default.

    It's more of a "We don't know what your overviews are for to know if this should automatically be turn on or off, only you do, you made them." sort of problem.

    And it was mentioned in the days leading up to the 1.1 patch and I'm fairly certain that it was mentioned in the patch notes.

    ....as was the magical "CAMERA BROKEN SPINY THING" that people still don't realize they've been activating with the C key for the past 3 months....

  2. Here's simple logic they could have used when adding the new item: if battlecruisers are checked, make Attack Battlecruisers checked.


    The fact they did not do that is a fail, regardless of whether or not it was buried in the patch notes, which not everyone reads every line of.

  3. I was in space and saw a fleetmate in his tornado, but then was like, WTF, why isn't he on my overview. So I right clicked him and added the ship type to my overview...