Monday, February 04, 2013

Killboard stats update

I was looking over my killboard statistics and was struck by something. Can you tell when I joined Faction Warfare?

Yes, that would be at the beginning of July, 2021. My time online did not increase, nor did I get to be a better pilot. I was pretty much living in the same regions.

The main difference is that the militia is a larger and busier entity than the Shadow Cartel alliance is and thus there was more opportunities to join fleets that saw action in the warzone. This is perfect for casual play styles like mine and has led to some of my best numbers in terms of PvP activity ever in December and January.

I'm hoping that by joining Aideron Robotics which is an active corporation in the militia that I can increase my numbers even more and perhaps try my hand at same gang FCing.

P.S. That kill in February? I was out in my Daredevil for a few minutes Saturday and found a Corax destroyers in a plex. God, I love my Daredevil.


  1. Daredevil remains one of my favorite ships, although I don't fly it much anymore. Lots of reasons for that. Mostly trying to fly cheaper and smarter these days.

    I'm enjoying FW as well, although from the other side. Although this new "Cloaky, triple-stabbed" trend is a bit worrisome. Yesterday I had a Dramiel cloak on me and today I had a cloaky Comet that was triple-stabbed!



  2. "Yes, that would be at the beginning of July, 2021."

    Damn you, Time Lord, and your future ganking sprees!