Friday, February 15, 2013

Adventures In Shopping

I've made officially over a billion ISK in my planetary interaction activities in Project Foo and payments for my writing activities have added another billion ISK to my wallet. That means its time to go shopping!

Typically my hanger selection is very eclectic: lots of different hull sizes and techs from all the factions. This allows me to have a ship on hand that can fit into almost any fleet. However, the difficulty comes when I lose a ship and don't have a ready replacement ready to go and I need to scramble to find a suitable replacement ship, sometimes in a different role. Its very annoying.

On top of that I've settled nicely into Aideron Robotics and they have a Gallente-centric doctrine that I approve of.

So to accomplish two goals of having multiple flight ready ships of the same type and fitting into my corporations doctrines, I've decided to buy a whack of similar ships:

- 3 Atrons
- 3 Armour Vexors
- 1 Shield Vexor
- 2 Thoraxs
- 3 Algos
- 3 Incursus

And I plan to get some parts for a new Daredevil and Dramiel I have kicking around the hanger for those times when the Incursus just isn't enough.

You'll quickly notice there is not a tech II ship in the bunch, nor any battlecruisers or battleships. The reason for the first is that with the Technetium cartel still in full operation and now a Neodymium cartel headed up by TEST, prices of Tech II ships are only going to go up while their performance vis a vis tech I and faction cruisers is not that impressive at the moment.

The reason I'm not buying any battlecruisers is because I still have a healthy stable of the ships in my hanger and they are not called upon as often as the smaller ships due to plex gate limitations. And as for battleships, they are called upon almost never... which makes me sad as I used to love flying battleship fleets. Left all my battleships in Heyd so the carriers had room for smaller stuff.

I don't know exactly how much those hulls and their fittings will set me back, but my rough guess is near the 800 million to 1 billion range, but those ships should keep me in fleets with no problems for a couple months knowing my game schedule.

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