Thursday, January 03, 2013

Project Foo Update

So its been half a month since I started working in Wormhole Foo on my new Planetary Interaction project so I figure its time for an update.

I started with five planets and about a week and a half ago added a sixth. I have four extraction/basic processing planets, two producing the Toxic and Precious metals for Enriched Uranium and two producing the Water and Electrolytes to create Coolant. A fifth planet is the advanced manufacturing hub that takes the inputs and creates the uranium and coolant. My late-added sixth planet is simply producing Coolant from start to finish on its own.

Setting up these planets including a couple extractor re-positions (and a one time purchase of Electrolytes because I forgot to hit submit one day) cost me approximately 64 million ISK. I've made approximately 256 million ISK since Dec 13th as of last night for a profit of around 191 million ISK.

Not bad for about 15 minutes of work every night (not including setup and extractor movements) and will definitely ensure my PvP habit remains funded.

Now its not all bells and roses. Depletion is starting to play a major factor into two of my extraction planets and may require a reconfigure of who produces what over some lunch hour to maintain acceptable production rates.

But in terms of effort and risk to ISK generation, this ranks easier than anything else I've bothered with in game. A lot of that is due to the setup I have with Foo Holdings in that I don't need to worry about POS fueling and material transport out of the wormhole. He buys my materials at 90% Jita prices and I can just focus on PI production and not worry about the extraneous stuff while he gets a 10% cut to help offset business costs. Win-win if there ever was one.

I plan to expand a little bit with a second alt once training is complete, running a couple more planets on a long schedule to supplement production input resources.


  1. have u looked at P3 production (if your wh is capable for that)?

    The sell/buy order is kind a low for P3, kind a curious if you can make more profit from that

  2. A good bit of the PI work is front-loaded; research, logistics planning, scouting and surveying. You don't get paid for any of that time. To get a better sense of your profit, add that labor cost in using whatever you would have been doing otherwise (ratting, mining, w/e); that will tell you your marginal gains over your previous ISK-making methods. You could just skip it, too - the iskies are rolling in, screw the bean counting and go blow something up! :)

  3. I think you mean he buy's your PI at 90% Jita prices

  4. @Durrr: corrected.

    @Christopher: I did not do anything in game prior to make my isk, it was all out of game writing activities which I have scaled back on.

  5. @xxl4457: The WH has perfect PI. Part of why Kirith is building P2 is that our buying program is currently set up for P1 and P2. I may expand that in the future.

    @Christopher: The generic logistics and scouting burden is significantly reduced when shared. That said, there is still the specific 'Given the system; What extractors/factories do I want to build?'; and the haul between planets and POS.

    More information is available at Foo Holdings.