Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fail Mail - Hyperion Edition

Last night I logged on just mainly to move my Omen from Sujarento to Nennamailia. But I saw a Hawk loitering around a plex entrance so I decided to try my ship against it. Easy Victory. Dual Medium ASB won't help you when you spend the first part of the fight shooting at my drones, sir.

I got back to Nenna safely but had encountered a largish militia fleet on the way. I decided to join them because "what the hell". They were flying shield ships but the only shield ship I had in base was a rail Harpy so I took that.

As I was racing to catch up to the fleet the call came out on comms "War Target Hyperion tackled in Kedema!"

Wait! I'm in Kedema!! As the fleet, which was a couple jumps off turned around and raced back, I helped the Stiletto tackler keep the Hyperion busy. Which was surprisingly easy as there was no drones and he had railguns fitted and he was 80 km off the gate. I threw on my tackle and just as the fleet was about to arrive a war target in a Maller shows up ~40 km off.

Now I make a mistake. Eager to get a point on the Maller for the arriving fleet I hit approach and get in way too close and get scrammed. I tried to get away but without the MWD I could not, and I failed to try to get under the guns upon this realization. As the medium ASB runs out of charges, I run out of time.

Fortunately, the Hyperion and Maller both die.

Now take a look at that Hyperion killmail:
Mission Running Fit?
Now look at the summary:
Loot gods hate us.

Best part? He had drones he never bothered to try and use on the Stiletto which was alone for a good minute before I got there. 


  1. Y'know just when you think... but then... it never ceases to... well, you get the idea.

  2. Anonymous11:21 am

    I don't even...uh...

  3. Wait...what.... yeah. What Rixx said.

  4. Glad to see the ALOD series I started on TMC has moved to the blogpack.

    1. People have been posting fail mails and wtf killmails on blog long before your articles or ever existed.

    2. Please, you're embarrassing yourself lol