Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Entertainment Weekly Sci Fi Movie Preview

(Rough summary of blog banter entries for blog banter #41 - Director's Cut)

Looking forward to the summer of 2013 we see a slew of movies heading our way. Here is the current buzz ratings in order of their release dates.


Dreaming Humanity : (Action - War) Space opera filled with war, explosions, and drama. Early hype died down due to overexposure and delays, but latest trailer has spiked interest. Hype Meter 6/10

Imagining The Story : (Documentary) Discussing what makes for good story and profitable marketing with a number of notable figures from the movie industry. Of interest only to people in the business. HM 2/10

Josh Brolin
Cold Space : (Action - Crime) Gritty crime drama set on futuristic space station. Has potential but main actor Josh Brolin is wooden in the previews. The midwest will probably love it. HM 7/10

Visit The Sandbox : (Documentary) A look into the vibrant world of internet spaceships. A must for geek fans, not so much for everyone else. HM 4/10


Immortalis : (Action - Adventure - War) High Octane combat coupled with super special effects. Probably lead in for TV series starring a few of the supporting actors. Early sneak peak trailers promise massive amounts of action. HM 9/10

Nicolas Cage
Dark Silence: (Action - Adventure) Character driven thriller with futuristic chase scenes. Hype hurt by questionable casting choices such as aging Nicolas Cage in main role and unknowns in many supporting roles. HM 7/10

Emergent Patrols : (Thriller) An unknown killer stalks the crew of a deep space patrol ship. The setting may be off putting to many, but the director has a track record of producing tightly written and paced films. HM 8/10

EVE: The Journey Begins : (Drama) Star-crossed lovers in vividly realized sci-fi setting. Do we really need yet another angst ridden teen love film? Still, the images from the studio look intriguing. HM 6/10

Eytjangar Blue : (Action - Drama) Two enemies must work together to fight off slavers. Low budget may make this one hard to like as its special effects may be lacking. HM 5/10

YC113 An Empyrean Odyssey : (Action - Adventure) A powerful super-pilot deals with the trials and tribulations of his position. Pilot movie for a series based on ground breaking live-action/computer generated storytelling. HM 7/10

The Awakening : (Adventure) A young man has his world shattered and begins a journey to find the keys to power and immortality. Interesting high-concept setting may drag this one down or make it a sleeper hit. HM 6/10

Mid-Point : (Comedy) A day in the life of four residents of a space station. Described as "Seinfeld in space" it remains to be seen if lightning will strike twice or fizzle out. HM 9/10


Brad Pitt
Oceans 113 : (Action - Crime) A group of professional thieves come together for the ultimate score. Addition of Brad Pitt to the cast has increased Buzz a lot. Rumours of a George Clooney cameo. HM 8/10

Vin Diesel
Between a Rock and a Hard Place : (Action - Comedy) An over the hill writer gets mistaken for a mobster on the run. Despite being Vin Diesel's comeback vehicle, word has it there were multiple rewrites and several back and forth edits with the studio heads. Any buzz this one had last year is long gone. HM 2/10

Going Web : (Documentary) Follow a group of writers and programmers as they try to create a new web series from scratch and launch it into stardom. Word has it that the series will be collected to DVDs and include this documentary as bonus content next year. HM 3/10


Yesterday : (Action - Crime) A woman attempts to figure out what happened to her in the previous 24 hours that she can't remember in a futuristic sci-fi setting. Rumours of this being the first of a trilogy and based on a series of books written by author Logan Fyreite has an active fan base buzzing on the internets. HM 9/10


  1. I feel all left out now :(

  2. I'm sorry Logan, your omission is my fault. I somehow missed you off the list on the original Blog Banter 41 contributor list which Kirith was working from.

    My banter admin is sometimes erroneous, I can only apologise and add you to the list now.

  3. I have to admit, I was 3 or 4 down this list before I realized what list it was . . .


  4. Thanks for the edit Kirith <3

    I was a well into July before I realized something was amiss :)

  5. Phew, glad that's sorted, nice one Kirith. Now I don't look nearly as incompetent. Well, apart from all the comments. Oh well. ;)

  6. Anonymous7:49 am

    2/10 my ass !?!?! Boo!

    Seriously though, great write up.

  7. Very nice idea for a summary.

    Also, extra compliments for actually coming up with a story-outline for my imaginary movie even though I didn't. I actually like the idea. Hell I might even write a story about that :)