Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Capacitor Balancing

On Sunday I was out and joined an armour fleet running with Tech 1 cruisers and Tech 1 logistics, a fairly common themes these days. The Omen fit is based on Ripard Teg's FOTW Omen that I could remember with the FC saying "we leave in 3 minutes" and me buying mods off the market in low sec.

I like the pulse Omen; it has a nice engagement envelope while still boasting a healthy tank and speed. Our fleet was very successful including an engagement where we smashed a hostile fleet camping a gate in Tama. I snuck in on the Talos killmail from ~40 km away, thank you Scorch crystals.

But there is something I noticed during this fight: capacitor runs out quickly.

Kil2 and Kovorix released Bringing Solo Back podcast episode 21 this month (Thank you!!) and in there they discussed the Retribution cruisers and the chilling effect they've had on battlecruiser usage. One thing they noticed that Tech 1 cruisers had going against them was the small capacitors they had in comparison in comparison to battlecruisers and Tech 2 cruisers.

And it struck me: this is a perfect method for distinguishing Tech 1 cruiser hulls from battlecruiser and Tech 2 cruiser hulls. For battlecruiser, not only do you trade speed and agility for more DPS and tank, you also have greater capacitor reserves to run those cruiser modules from. For Tech 2 cruisers, they can sport the equivalent DPS and movement profiles but have the advantages of range or resistances or specialization (or any combination thereof) as well as improved capacitor reserves.

Its perfect as that its an advantage that rewards longer term thinking and planning in a fight without giving a massive brawling advantage in a short term fight. I approve and I hope it was an intentional design feature.

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