Monday, December 03, 2012

Happy Retribution Eve!

Skills for the expansion day blues:

Kirith Kodachi: Drone Navigation V, 3.5 days
(I was embarrassed to discover Kirith's basic drone skills were only at IV.)

Korneilia: Drone Sharpshooting V, 3.3 days

Selia Canathius: Capital Energy Emission Systems V, 26 days
(At this point, I think she's better at piloting the Wyvern than Kirith!)

Also, saw the trailer. I like it but I miss the days when all footage was ingame only footage. Oh well.


  1. I don't see much that couldn't of been done in game.

    1. Yeah, other than a few additions, like actually seeing the drones launched from the new dessie, and the bomb actually hitting the widow, it all seems fairly possible ingame (he should have really been flying a macharial)

    2. Even the bomb bit can be staged in game. the too bits I was thinking about were the fragment with the name on it and the drones.