Friday, November 09, 2012

Shoulda Stayed In Bed

I had big plans last weekend. My wife was gone for three days, so after I put the kids in bed I was going to play Eve for three hours on two nights. For an old git like me, that was more game time at on then han I've seen since... well... BK (aka Before Kids).

Friday morning we wished my wife off well in the car, closed the door, and ... ouch... why does it hurt to swallow? A cold or something?

Fast forward six hours later and there I was freezing while huddled under several layers of clothing and blankets on the couch, bemoaning my existence in the universe. Not the dreaded man cold: full blown tonsillitis, or as my doctor likes to call it, "Oh boy do you ever!" tonsillitis.

From Friday to Wednesday morning I was basically useless. Taking care of the kids took all my energy until Sunday and then I was too far gone into infection hell until I saw my doctor on Tuesday afternoon. Thank god for Tylenol 3 with codeine and antibiotics.

The result was that I had barely enough energy to move in the evenings, and playing video games of any sort was out of the question.

Ah, the best laid plans of mice and elephants (or something like that).

I did, hovever, really want to be at Nashh's sendoff bash so Sunday morning in my drug addled state I hoped into an Incursus and made the nine jumps to Goinard and docked in station for later. When later was getting close to rolling around (afternoon my time), I found myself in a pickle: the kids, mostly cooped up all weeekend due to weather and my illness asked to go into the back yard. I would have felt back denying them that small request with the sun shining so I bundled them up and we went out.

I pouted. I was going to miss the event in 20 minutes.

But I had a brain flash: the laptop has a wireless network card and can probably have range to the table in the backyard! So I ran (or really just shuffled quickly) inside and got the laptop, booted up, loaded Eve (thankfully up to date) and logged in. There was the party, just getting ready to go.

Nashh announced "Planet III" and I gave it a minute so I could come in and just put a few rounds into Nashh for killmail whoring, maybe pick off a straggler here and there. I undocked, warped to planet III. And then promptly shat the bed.

You see, here's some things my drug addled ass kind of forgot about.

- Nashh, being a pirate, would not generate GCCs for anyone attacking him.
- unlike the Tusker event, red flashy pilots are going to be uncommon and set upon by the hundreds in attendance in vicious fashion.
- I am a big red flashy type pilot.
- As such, I really really should have a warp out point ready.
- Finally, don't go to these things in an expensive ship... or expensive POD.

Yeah.... 43 pilots stomped my frigate as I looked for Nashh (who was 100 km away anyways, sneaky bugger) and 12 pilots got to smash my pinata and see I had my low grade Snake implants installed while I fumbled for a warp out point. I also forgot how the laptop was not set up for lag inducing grids. FAIL FAIL FAIL.

Just one of those times I should have stayed in bed.

* * * * *

Good luck Nashh, I'm going to miss you.

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  1. Well, I told you to bring your carrier, did I not? But no, it had to be a frigate...

    But good to hear that you feel better.