Thursday, November 15, 2012

Most Anticipated Retribution Feature

There is a lot coming in Retribution (still. worst. name. ever.) and I decided to ask myself what I am most looking forward to in the expansion coming out on December 4th.

I'm pretty neutral on the ship changes. I approve of them and I think overall they have been great, and I'm looking forward to what the new rebalanced cruisers can do (still love the Caracal even after all these years) but I'm not excited about them. I'll be more excited when Tech 2 cruisers are redone. I'm curious about trying out the new destroyers, but not excited. I'll probably try out the Gallente one, the Algos.

Crimewatch and Bounty Hunting changes similarly don't hold a lot of interest for me. I live in low sec, all non-purple/blue pilots are considered hostile, and the rules governing engagement and de-aggressing are relevant but not exciting.

No, what I'm most excited about is the HUD changes and the new visible timers are are coming as part of crimewatch. And the new camera option for keeping target on screen.
I don't know why, but improvements to the GUI always leave me a little giddy, as if I'm playing a new game. To be fair, Eve's GUI development was stunted for so long that any improvement feels like a huge one. When the small change of toggling overheating via shift+click came in I was ecstatic with joy for a week.

The new visible timers will be a big boon too. The session timer has saved frustration a lot over the years since it was implemented, and I can see the aggression timers saving my bacon in the future.

Just 19 more days.


  1. The HUD stuff interests me a lot as well. Anything that will help the user get critical information from a game that at times seems very reluctant to part with such data is good.

    I am just unsure that everything needs to be... well... round. Heh.

    The visible timers though. I cannot say enough good about those, round or not.

  2. As a denizen of low sec, you have to love the new 'Suspect' and gate guns mechanics - ie no more 15 minute GCC timer. This greatly enable frigate and AF roaming, which today, if you go GCC, you have to hide out for 15 mins since going near a GG can easily get you popped.

  3. I'm totally with you there, Kirith. I'm quite enthused about the HUD changes.

    I'd like to see some options though - they've binned a couple of previous iterations of the target icons. Why not allow the player to choose which ones to use. Or maybe make them racial. A more swirly HUD motif for Amarr, spikey for Minmatar, square for Caldari and... dunno, I'm dry. Maybe that idea's a bust.

    I'm also very intrigued to see the implications and social impact of the bounty hunting mechanic and kill right sales. I'm pretty sure we're going to see some interesting and creative behaviour arising from these new systems. I reckon there will be tears, drama and things will not go quite to plan. Not sure whether that will be for carebears, would-be bounty hunters, griefers or even CCP. But something is going to blow up in someone's face.

    And it will be glorious. :)

  4. Oh, also the sounds. The new ambient effects and the dynamic soundscapes sounds brilliant. I'm looking forward to that.

  5. Oh yeah, and that. How could I forget that? I'm always bitching about the need for better camera tools.