Friday, October 05, 2012

Neighbourhood Watch

A lot of people have covered the finer details of the new Crimewatch mechanics introduced in this dev blog here, and I was going to write a similar post about my opinions but then I gave up.

I just don't care.

Crimewatch will be a success if I don't have to think about it. It should just work. It should just be intuitive. It should be fair. And it should not be exploitable.

If Team Five-0 can accomplish that with visible flags and expiry timers, clear logical events, and solid programming code, I'm happy. If not, I'll raise a fuss until its fixed.

One thing about being in faction warfare is that most of the time the crimewatch stuff does not impede my playstyle because I'm either fighting the Caldari who I am at war with or pirates who are all filthy criminals with terrible sec statuses.

Gah. This funk I'm in is ruining my posting. Long weekend coming up, hopefully some Eve time Sunday night will improve my mood.


  1. Yeah, cheer up you're bringing us all down!! :)

  2. Man, you should've come to Vegas.

    I've been in a similar "bleh, EVE" funk lately, but this trip has definitely +1'd my EVE interest a few times lately.

    It sounds like the new crimewatch + bounties will eventually REPLACE CONCORD -- except in certain n00bish areas of hisec ... of course that's quite a ways down the line from full implementation, but that IS the stated direction that they want to go. Now, whether carebear tears and ragequits alter or cancel that direction-change remains to be seen (but prob will at least alter it), but so far I'm pretty hopeful -- and anyone who knows or reads me knows that I am NEVER hopeful where :CCP: is concerned. lol