Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nashh Kadavr is Going Out In Style

Nashh Kadavr, namesake of the Kadavr corporations, has decided to hang it up for good.  In order leave in
style, he's having a little bash:

I am planning a little leaving party to be held in Goinard, my home for the last 12 months on Sunday4th November starting at 21:00 evetime. I will be in space in a Carrier and invite all to come and blow me up, and as a little treat will add a sizable bounty on my own head.

Hope to see you there!


  1. Nashh is a poo poo head!

  2. Make it a two-for-one? The good ship Ninveah III showing up to lend emergency repairs to a troubled carrier, maybe even borrow enough time for Nasshh to realize his folly?

    ...pilot can dream...

    1. Will be a few shadow Cartel guys out lending reps, and I'm sure pouring more fuel onto the pyre. I certainly will be out in space defending the boss man in something shiny. ;)