Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Eve Online: Retribution = Most Boring Name Ever

I'll have more to say on the content of the expansion later (preview: I'm pleased so far) but I"m going to straight out say that when I heard that the name of the expansion was "Retribution" I audibly groaned.

So boring. So typical. I mean, I get the reason they are using it since they are making a new Bounty Hunter system / mechanic as central to this expansion ("I will get retribution for this act of violence!") but its a word that is overused in the sci fi and gaming genre.

Let's do a quick rundown of Expansion names:

Castor / The Second Genesis - The first is obviously an internal project name and the second is not bad for a first expansion to a game.

Exodus - Going for the Biblical theme, are we? Ok, it works for now.

Exodus: Red Moon Rising - Awesome name, still with the biblical theme.

Revelations I & II - Not as awesome. Still biblical but far more pop culture cliche.

Trinity - Clever use of word to indicate that this was originally called Revelations III. Forgiven since it brought in the new graphics engine.

Empyrean Age - Marks the first departure from biblical names and is a very original and awesome expansion name.

Quantum Rise - Proof that original does not mean awesome. A terrible name to a forgettable expansion. What does it even mean?!

Apocrypha - Best expansion name ever. Very relevant to the expansion content (it means "hidden" and this expansion introduced wormholes and sleepers) and totally badass when it rolls off the tongue.

Dominion - This one is OK, but a let down after Apocrypha. Side note: Canada used to be called the Dominion of Canada.

Tyrannis - I like this name a lot. Its relevant to the content (Planetary Inteaction which capsuleers are the tyrants over) and its original.

Incursion - This one, not so much. Its relevant, but not as original and fall flat for me.

Incarna - Love the name, even if the content was lacklustre.

Crucible - This was an awesome name. It was very meta as it refered to CCP itself forging a new direction rather than the major content of the expansion. And its very unique and original. Almost as good as Apocrypha.

Inferno - Middle of the road name. Has some sci fi connotations and relevant to the expansion content, but not original enough for me.

* * * * *

Instead of Retribution I would have prefered something like Retaliation, Vengeance, Justice, or Punishment. Oh well, water under the bridge. Next time, CCP, call me. I can help you out.


  1. Anonymous10:58 am

    Just to prove how subjective this is, I think Retribution is a great name... it even ties in with some of the features... but thought Incarna was so-so, though that might also be because it ties in with the main feature, the captain's quarters.

    The nice things are that the names do all have some relevance to what was going on. Except maybe Inferno, which didn't really light anything on fire... or at least not for me.

  2. Inferno is so cliché I even forgot the name until I scrolled here. retribution is worse, as people will quickly forget which one is which one.
    The light green is pretty nice however.

  3. Anonymous2:33 am

    Two words came to my mind when I heard the name: retribution paladin. From WoW.
    My wounds are still healing...

  4. EVE Online: Judgement (for the guys who blew up my Retriever boo hoo hoo)
    EVE Online: Justification (to continue playing)
    EVE Online: Punitive Measures
    EVE Online: Can I be Boba Fett now?
    EVE Online: Have money, will murder.
    EVE Online: Why don't we just go through the names from the Amarr ship lineup?

    Joking aside, I think EVE Online: Nemesis would've been pretty cool. (And not from the Amarr lineup, heh.)

  5. Eve Online: Reciprocity

    Much better.

  6. EVE Online III: Heart of the Spai-er (upgrades to Economic Warfare, Jovians come along and nearly raze all of EVE to the ground, but are barely thwarted by the brave Human Players)

    EVE Online IV: The Price of Gankdom (FW buffs and hisec nerfs: the Bored Worlds, aka "lowsec", take the fight against the Terran Confederation, aka "hisec", which is engaging in illegal genetic research to do away with those ebil ganking PvPers and replace them with a Supreme Race of Ultra-Carebears)

    and of course all the spinoffs, like
    EVE Online: University (PvP upgrades, like battlegrounds, zero-consequence PvP, etc)
    EVE Online: Profiteer (turns EVE into a theme-park MMO with some of the best PvE evar, but..."what's PvP?")
    EVE Online: Profiteer II: The Bot-tening -- which will be made in Britain for a huge budget, bear only casual resemblance to the actual EVE Online in look, style, and gameplay, but Clive Owen will voice Aura and that will make it bad-ass ... despite the fact that all "players" are now bots.