Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I logged in this morning to add a skill to the queue.

"I've got five minutes and there is a war target in local, let's go plex-fishing."

I grab my favourite rod for fishing, the dual prop Dramiel. I undock and see two plexes on scan. I go to the first one, nothing. But on scan at the second one is a Federation Navy Comet. I warp in and activate the gate. There he is. I set orbit for 22 km and head in. He comes towards me and locks. He wants to fight, so let's go.

I am maintaining range and using drones and barrage to whittle him down. He's not targetting my drones so I feel good... but then he boosts his speed somehow and catches up to me!

SCRAMMED! WEBBED! I punch the afterburner and pull my ship into a 500m orbit. But I forgot to activate my web, I think. Not sure; it all happened very fast.

My shields were gone; only Damage Control to help me. I didn't have time to switch to better ammo. SHIT.

We're both in strucutre, going down, come on drones, come on.... low structure... am I going to get him?!?! ...

NO! Dram down, DRAM DOWN!!!

The Comet was in low structure but alive. I warped my pod out and offered a "gf!" in local.

* * * * *

In other news, looks like I have another purchase to make. Another Dramiel, and maybe look into Comets. Hmmmm....

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