Saturday, September 01, 2012

Recognition At Last!

Marc Scarus (aka Marcosaurus, the Irish Dinosaur),  runs these awards every month that he calls the Eebees  which recognizes top blog posts and overall blogs. For July my post Eve's End Game: Have We Arrived was one of the three nominated and yesterday he announced that it was selected for post of the month of July.
Team Avatar’s Tinkerings by ugleb
The Ridiculously Quick Faction Warfare Guide by Drackarn
Eve’s End Game: Have We Arrived? by Kirith Kodachi
So many great posts, so little time to read for all of us judges in the month of July. These were the three that piqued our interest the most. However, there can only be one (or so they say). Our winner for the month of July is none other than Kirith ‘I Fly Coward Rifters’Kodachi! Congratulations to the venerable writer of Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah – an excellent blog all around.

Thanks Marc!

P.S. Stay away from Old Man Star or I'll have to teach you a lesson.