Friday, August 24, 2012

Given Where Due

On Monday I took the new TheMitanni.Com website to task for posting an opinion piece on Off Grid Leadership Boosting Ships for not presenting the other side of the argument. Well today I see they followed up with a post about The Case Against Boosters where author Grath gives some suggestions about how Tech 3 and Tech 2 command ships should altered.

I will point out that he skips the real issue, whether boosting should be off grid or on grid only, with a statement:
Yes, there are issues with grids and the like, but thats probably not something that can be easily fixed since I expect it's mired in the oldest code parts of EVE. I suspect that, as far as the gang system is concerned, CCP simply don't know (and cannot easily discover) what is on-grid with something else, anyway.
I don't accept that and I'm disappointed Grath does not even address this point as its the main thrust of the previous article, and in my opinion its the biggest problem currently with boosting ships (although I agree with Grath that command ships have been shafted by the Tech 3 ships).

P.S. Both of these articles could have come from syndicated blogs. Maybe they have the advantage of having editing staff to proof read and provide feedback prior to publishing but I can see no difference from anything I've read from numerous blogs for years. I'm just saying.

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  1. Both were written and queued well before you posted your first comment. We are just driving discussion in the community. You've written a blog about it. Mission Accomplished.