Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tank Thursday

So yeah, I've been playing tanks. Quite a bit actually since the latest major update came out that added the new maps and game modes.

The new maps, Airfield and Wide Park, are both very good. The new game modes are not too bad; they definitely spice up old maps and make them new again, although I prefer the new Encounter mode (its a race for the flag type game) over the Assault mode (one side defends, other attacks). I'm hoping they continue to add modes and variations on existing modes.

Tiger II
Tank-wise, my main tank continues to be the reliable and impressive Tiger II. With the crew working on their second perk I find myself a threat to almost every other tank on the field and almost always near the top. With a Premium account it almost always makes credits for me.

I was working up the German line to the Panther and fell in love along the way with the speedy yet hard hitting VK3001H. It has less armour than the same tier 6 medium tank VK3601, but it a lot faster and sports the same mean Short 88mm gun. When I got to the Panther I kept the tank and am continuing to work it up to Elite status.

The Panther on the other hand, has been a disappointment so far. When I unlocked it I had to grind through to get better tracks and a batter turret, but even with the second turret I am still working on the best gun for the tank, the 75mm L/100 which has the penetration to threaten tier VIII tanks. Until then I'm running with the Short 88mm again and really struggling against higher tier tanks. Plus the Panther is more of a sniper than a brawler and I really need to adjust my play style for it.

Finally, I'm also driving around in a tier V Panzer IV and a tier IV Leopard light tank to unlock the tier VI VK3001P and tier V VK2801 tanks respectively, mostly to try them out and see if I like them over other versions.

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  1. Anonymous7:25 pm

    I've definitely struggled a bit with the Leopard, Tier IV light tanks with such a long grind are quite unforgiving I find. Perhaps that will change with the match-maker changes in the new patch next month.