Monday, July 09, 2012

Giving Nightmares

So I finished Amarr Battleship V last week as part of a summer plan to get battleship V for all factions (working on Gallente BS V right now) and with Caldari and Amarr battleship V I was tempted to play around with Nightmare setups once again.


Nightmare Since this terror was first seen haunting the spacelanes a year and a half ago, it has been the subject of persistent rumors to the effect that its design bears the indelible stamp of long-dead Sansha's own madness. Who else, the conspiracy theorists argue, could come up with such marvelously twisted designs?

Special Ability: 100% bonus to Large Energy Turret damage

Amarr Battleship Skill Bonus: 7.5% bonus to Large Energy Turret tracking per level
Caldari Battleship Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Large Energy Turret damage per level
As you can see, this thing is designed for dealing impressive laser damage with 4 hardpoints (doubled by the Marauder bonus) and lots of tracking. On top of that it sports seven mid slots for a decent shield tank and PvP modules if you are so inclined as I am.

I decided to see what kind of beast I could create using the new Ancillary shield boosters and this is what I came up with.
 Using two of the X-Large ASBs, I can run one at a time and get an estimated 600 DPS tank or I can go all out and get 1200 DPS tank with both of them for over a minute. The damage is 'only' 834 DPS (plus drones) but a very nice 15-20 km effective optimal range and enough tracking to handle a lot of targets even down to cruiser size in the right circumstances. Needs the cap booster though to keep that MWD and tackle and weapons running, so very vulnerable to cap warfare despite the ASBs' own charges. And the speed is not overwhelming to me even though its shield tanked and not armour tanked.



  1. It's a pirate battleship and not a Marauder.

    Additionally, 600/1200 DPS tank is not worth it. I can get that in my Sleipnir running LASB's (not X-L), and your ship costs way more than even a Sleip.

    1. sleipnir has a shield boost bonus ofc its going to have a strong tank like this. But this is not a sleipnir its a Nightmare, its like comparing the flavor of an pear and a pineapple, they are both sweet but the pineapple costs more