Thursday, July 26, 2012

EON Issue #028


Deep in the bowels of CCP's experimental gameplay lab, the future of mining is being discussed - and EVE's official magazine has been granted security clearance to join the coversation. Their final report forms the basis of this issue, looking at EVE's oldest profession, taking in the history of Hulkageddon and profiles of some of New Eden's biggest industrial corps.

Also in EON #028:

    • CSM7 Testflight - five members chose their favourite ships
    • Two great new Chronicles - Flesh and The Soulless Pilgrim
    • Guide to Stealth Bombing
    • Guide to Slay
    • How to find the Corp that's right for you
    • The new War Dec and Allies system
    • The Skyward Sphere story - how a Rifter took you into space
    • The future of the EVE API
    • The Rifter comes under the Hero Warship spotlight
    • Profiles of RPS Holdings, Enlightened Industries and Taggart Transdimensional
    • CSM7 reports on good early-season progress
    • Interviews with CCP Veritas and CCP Loki
...and lots, lots more

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