Monday, June 11, 2012

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

One of the hardest parts for me of taking time off from Eve Online, even if only for a month, is finding my groove again. Last week I came up empty and spent some time doing logistics, this week I wanted to get blood on my hands.

There was reports of two alliance mates trying to catch a Typhoon nearby so I jumped into my Falcon to provide support or probes if they needed them, but the target ran away. So I went back to base and decided to roam a little myself. Instead of going with my usual frigates or destroyers for roaming solo, I decided to play around with something I've been itching to try: the All Purpose Ferox!
Ferox of Doom!
The concept is simple: no one expects the Ferox! I get within ten klicks of my target and throw down ewar and firepower until he drops, or I do. The DPS is respectable for ~10 km range, and the tank is impressive on any ship outside of a Drake or Tengu. Its not too expensive and best of all, people might be more willing to engage a Ferox instead of other more respected battlecruisers due to the Ferox's bad reputation from back when hybrids sucked and the ship only had 5 hardpoints.

I undocked an went looking for trouble. Only two jumps out I detected a fleet of four enemy battlecruisers with my scanner: two Hurricanes, a Harbinger, and a Cyclone. I let alliance know and four or five of us formed up and gave chase but when we caught up to them in Heydieles they turned and docked up instead of fighting. With our Falcon and Curse in fleet, that was probably a good idea for them, even if it left us hanging.

Our fleet disbanded and I went to Jovainnon on my hunt and saw an Enyo on scan. Hmmmm, could he be lured to attack me, a newb in a Ferox? As I tightened my scan down from the gate I was sitting on, another pilot in a Catalyst landed on me. Instinct caused me to lock him even though I doubted he would engage and was too fast to catch on the other side. To my surprise he locked back so I decided to give him a scare. Several salvos later the Catalyst destroyer was a wreck and I figured I was facing a new player. I felt a twinge of guilt as I targeted his pod and activated my weapons, but an anarchist has to do what an anarchist does. I looted the eclectic loot and warped to the sun to wait out the timer.

While I was there a new contact popped on scan, a Merlin. And the pilot in local was not a newer player this time but a veteran. I got to work scanning and had something narrowed down to an asteroid belt, so I warped only to see the Merlin arrive at the sun as I entered warp. Hmmm, he was looking for me? I waited in the belt and was pleased to see the Tech I frigate arrive shortly thereafter. He was thirty kilometers away so I decided to play the part of ignorant ratter in hopes he would miss my alliance affiliation, sec status, or the fact I was a big red flashy on his overview. Hey, you'd be surprised how perfectly functional human beings can do stupid things.

I attacked the rats and once they were dead I started to approach a wreck that just happened to be in the rough direction of the Merlin that floated around 28 kms away. He started targeting me and I returned the favour. I hit approach, kicked in the MWD for 1200 m/s of attack speed, overheated the web and scram, and prayed he was not a scout for a larger force.

We clashed and the outcome was never in doubt. He had a decent fit but was not capable of going up against a prepared enemy three weight classes higher. We exchanged good fights and I mentioned how I was hoping to lull him into engaging by acting the part of dumb ratter. He replied:

I'm not an idiot. You're in SC [Shadow Cartel] and I knew you were pvp fit.

I can understand itching for a fight and going for it when you're outclassed, but Tech I frigate versus PvP fit battlecruiser? That's just suicide by Ferox. *shrugs*


  1. Sorry I missed you in Jov! We should meet up sometime for some blogger on blogger action.

    Ferox is a fun ship, I had some success with a Lazorox in Syndicate once. But eventually the ship lets you down no matter how you fit it. Good kills though.

  2. Kirith, great read. Can you tell me what fitting tool that you're using in the picture? I don't believe it's EFT is it? Thanks.

    1. That is PYFA (python fitting assistant). It is a free alternative to EFT. I personally like eft, but it works just fine.

  3. My Ferox fit is similar. The lows are the same, my rigs are 2 em +1 therm, I have an LSE2 instead of the invuln, and I fit a medium nos instead of neut (enough to keep scram and guns going every cycle under neuts).