Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Trust Game

So, take a look at this kill and the blog post from Helicity Boson's blog.

Essentially what happened is that Enochia Starr of Dark Intentionz offered to let a newb supercarrier pilot from Nightsong Directorate alliance join an operation to hotdrop some carriers. Of course, there was no carriers to hotdrop. Instead the inexperienced Hel pilot trusted the info he was provided and jumped into an ambush of dreadnoughts and a couple supercaps and was quickly dispatched.

All evidence points to the pilot, Pheage, being horribly inexperienced not only in Hel fitting and flying (using fighter bombers to attack subcaps for example) but also in the Eve Trust Game.

The Eve Trust Game goes something like this: at least one person that you are currently interacting with would sell you out in a second for a) ISK b) tears or c) a glorious killmail. And option c really comes into play the bigger and more expensive the ship. The trick in the game is to be paranoid enough to not put yourself into a situation where selling you out is worth burning the relationship but not so paranoid that you never work with anyone or ever fly expensive ships.

On another topic, when this post of Helicity's went up on syndication on there was a lot of commenters slagging Helicity and Shadow Cartel alliance for turning on a blue for a killmail. Let's be clear: at no time was Nightsong Directorate or Pheage blue to Shadow Cartel, nor do I think they were blue to Stop Exploding You Cowards alliance. One could criticize Enochia Starr for betraying the victim but how is that different than any social engineering scam that results in a corp theft, or any null sec alliance politics of convenience? 

Of course, the vast majority of commenters are faceless idiots that feel free to opine about whatever due to the anonymity of the system so I really don't take what the say seriously anyways.


  1. Yeah, guy was a retard for jumping to the neutral cyno.

    There is kind of an unwritten rule among pirate corps that you don't shoot people in your own fleet. I sure as hell won't be fleeting with STOP or bringing anything expensive to a Shadow fleet.

  2. i felt bad for the guy tbh but cant complain too much, i still shot at him...