Wednesday, April 04, 2012

This Is My Rifter...

... there are many like it but this one is mine.

The Rifter is THE iconic Eve Online1 ship. Its the one we want to build into a Lego ship (please support!). Its ubiquitous throughout all of New Eden, high sec, low sec, null sec (not so much Wormhole space but its different all around). Its had entire guides written about piloting it. It is the Tech 1 frigate of choice for new players and 6 year old veterans. I use it on my main as a occasional low sec roaming ship and my alt in Red versus Blue as trained exclusively for flying it and nothing else.

Its not that it is necessarily the best Tech 1 frigate available. I've seen solid setups and piloting for Punishers, Merlins, and Incursuses but the Rifter is solid and dependable in most scenarios.

So today I present my "stock" Rifter fit.

Click for Full Size
An even 100 DPS in ideal conditions, most dangerous within 5000 meters, I set orbit close and manually control and overheat weapons and repair. Against a lot of other Tech 1 frigs it works quite well for me.

What's your "stock" Rifter fit?

1 - Please, for the love of god, people, stop spelling it as EvE or EVE. The former is wrong and the latter is technically correct but unnecessary and jarring.


  1. I'll start spelling "Eve Online" when CCP does. I am particular about spelling things the way they are used by the company. So, for example, I always write LEGO.

    So I really want the LEGO version of the Rifter from EVE Online. Sue me.

    As for Rifter fits, I have only one Rifter, and I fit it out just to go as fast as possible in normal space. It is fun to just fly it around at around 4K m/s.

    1. ^-- What he said about "EVE Online".

  2. What tool is that you are using to show the fitting? It almost looks like EFT but not quite.

  3. Pyfa, its awesome:

  4. My favourite Rifter fit at the moment is a 220 o/h dps shield double gyro monster. I nearly killed a Wolf in it the other day but I popped as he entered structure. :(

    If I was in rvb I would fly a Merlin as the Rifter always gets primaried first! Merlin and Punishers last.


  5. This was my primary Rifter fit. I preferred a Gyrostabilizer over a Damage Control at that time, personally.

    As an aside, I prefer to use all caps when referring to EVE. It doesn't look 'right' visually, otherwise.

  6. My primary Rifter was the 280mm purdifier. God I loved it.

  7. Hi Kirith,

    As you may remember my plan ages ago was to max out Rifter skills. An objective I have since completed.

    My favoured fit is here:

    She puts down 172dps for me before heat, though in most frig fights balls out overheated it does 198 dps. I just love this ship.

    1. Out of curiosity how did you like the 200mm ACs in comparison to the 150mm?

  8. I've always thought of the Rifter as the Official Ship of Gettin' Yo' Ass in Trouble. I have a couple fit out but haven't used them much recently.

  9. It *is* spelled EvE as it was originally Everyone v. Everyone. Or it's EVE Online lately, but it is definitely not Eve Online. If you disagree, take it up with CCP (see any of their dev blogs, articles, and even <title> on the front page). Please spell EvE (or EVE) Online correctly before you start correcting others. ;)

    Love the Rifter, though the Rattlesnake and Macharial are what first attracted my wife to the game, she loves flying her Rifter and Wolf (though in our C4 WH they're not as useful :().