Monday, April 02, 2012

Killboard Stats

I don't usually report on my kill board overall stats because they are, to be truthful, not all that impressive. Battleclinic, which I've been feeding off my API for about a year, tells me I have 249 lifetime kills I am associated with, and 77 losses (and ranked somewhere in the 66 thousands). Eve-Kill reports 257 kills and 68 losses. Both of them have some losses and kills the other does not have, but they mostly overlap. Say approximately 260 kills for 5.5 years of playing.

Consider some other PvPers and you see they get that number of kills in a month. Sigh.

Its not that I don't PvP. In fact, for the past year or two that is pretty much all I do with my free time. If I could map my time logged in to my number of kills, I'm sure the ratio would be more acceptable.

Eve Kill shows my kills and losses in a nice chart of month by month. Excepting for the two months including Bring Me the Head of Kirith Kodachi I and II (Jan and Aug of last year) all of the other months with 10 or more were structure shoots until you get back to November and December of '09. Back in Paxton Federation when CVA version 1 still held Providence. There is a reason people from that time think of it as a PvP Golden Era and why CVA and others have been trying to recreate it ever since.

 Anyways, all of this is to put some perspective into tomorrow's post about Red Versus Blue.

(Incidently, I just realized that this past month of March was my best month of non-structure-shooting PvP since that time, all due to the awesome blokes in Shadow Cartel.)


  1. You should have hung around Hevrice longer today. I wanted to test my Cormorant on your Thrasher!

  2. Next time let me know, i will always accept a challenge. :-)

  3. Why is "only" 260-ish kills a bad thing?

    Had I not gone to null for my final year when I played my kill count would have been 0. As it is, Battleclinic only shows me with 7 kills. This is low -- I had more than that in some fleet ops, but I often flew logisitics and wouldn't get on any killmails at all. Some of the bigger ops I'd be off the bottom of the mail too. I was in on several POS bashes and iHub kills as well, so my corp considered me to be a fully active pvp pilot. But my stats don't show it.

    But so what? It's just a game, and I had some good times playing it, regardless of what those kill board stats say. I don't care about the whole epeen thing, and never bothered to check the killboards. They weren't why I played Eve.