Friday, February 17, 2012

Skill Training - The Road To 100 Million

My upgrading of Mechanical skills is complete and I'm now working on miscellaneous skills to continue the march to 100 million skill points.

My skills that I'm going to upgrade in the following months are as follows in no particular order:

Multitasking IV
Signature Focusing IV
Turret Destabilization IV
Afterburner V
Fuel Conservation V
Neurotoxin Recovery I
Neurotoxin Recovery II
Neurotoxin Recovery III
Neurotoxin Recovery IV
Jump Portal Generation III
Jump Portal Generation IV
Hacking II
Hacking III
Hacking IV
Archaeology I
Archaeology II
Archaeology III
Archaeology IV
Assault Ships V
Recon Ships V

Only skill I have to purchase is Archaeology.


  1. Why Multitasking 4 ? No ships (to my knowledge) allow 11 targets.

  2. With the use of multiple auto targeting systems, you can push the number over 10 with Multitask IV and V. Really though I am just being OCD on getting skills to level IV.

  3. GL on the 100 Mil Goal...

    I think you should move recon V above assualt ships V. The differences are more pronounced in Recon ships when you get it to five.

  4. Anonymous4:37 pm

    You've never run a mag site? *sigh* And I take it you don't use combat boosters much either?
    It just goes to show that even when you've been playing for years, there are still new parts of the game to explore and master.