Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tank Tuesday - End of Line

(yeah, I know its Wednesday)

It's been fun but I feel like I've reached the end of line for continuing in World of Tanks.

I'm not frustrated with the game. I think the game is moving in the right direction. I can even still have fun in matches. I bought gold twice, once nearing the beginning and once in the middle of my run and I got my money's worth. But I'm not willing to continue to invest in purchasing gold and I feel that my progression without a premium account, and possibly a premium tank, has slowed to a crawl making the grind very very noticeable.

I've been at the Tier VII Tiger tank with all upgrades except the King Tiger for a while and grinding experience for the next level has not been too bad. However, grinding the necessary credits is horribly slow as the Tiger's repairs and ammo and consumables are expensive enough that if I have a poor round I lose credits in the process. And if I have a good round, I only make a small profit; only the rare great round makes me feel like I make progress.

Compounding my sorrows is that I upgraded my Jagdpanzer tank destroyer to the Tier VII Jagdpanther but I only have the short 88 gun and  I still need to grind a lot of experience to get the long 88 like I have on the Tiger, much less the superior 105mm gun.

So end result, I either need to become an elite player or grind for many hours to get the credits to get the King Tiger, or I purchase gold to get a premium account (doubles earned credits and experience). Well, I don't want another subscription game thanks, so I'm going to take a pass and accept that I'll never see the King Tiger.

Also, I have no interest in running up another tank tree at this time.

Will I still play? Probably. Its a good game for quick matches of vehicular PvP. I suppose I could use a Tier V or VI tank to grind credits as their repair costs are not as severe but I'm not sure I want to go back to that level of play after having the Tiger and the long 88. Time will tell.

But I'm definitely not investing more real money.


  1. man, you can also join a clan, i hear clan wars gives daily gold to the players acording to the sov they hold, most clans have pro, and learner divisions, the pro you need a tier 9 and 10 tanks or a tier 6 spg, the learners divisions require far less. i am still looking for one that will take me but i am barely at tier 4 spg and tier 5 tanks so....