Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Mittani the Podcaster

(Note: I was going to post about assault ships and the upcoming changes but super-robo-blogger from the future Ripard Teg did it already and I don't see the point of parroting his already good post.)

The last two episodes of the esteemed Fly Reckless podcast, episodes 66 and 67 (to be fair, only 33% through episode 67), have been really interesting. Not only has the content been good and varied but the hosts have been very articulate, informed, and had engaging personalities with varied opinions on subjects. Priest Kristoff is no surprise but his verbal companion has me thinking. You see, the last two episodes have featured The Mittanni1 as the guest and damn if he's not good at podcasting.
Calling The Mittanni to stage 3...

Its should not be a surprise. He is, afterall, the charismatic leader of one of the largest alliances in the game, a (retired) lawyer by profession thus requiring good communication skills, and a long time participant in the Eve universe and close to the the machinations of null sec politics and CCP developers through the CSM. In other words he's a good communicator, knowledgeable, and passionate. Get that guy a microphone stat!

In all seriousness I hope The Mittanni continues to co-host the Fly Reckless podcast as its an engaging window into the game that is missed in a lot of other podcasts or only briefly touched in the occasional interviews and guest hosting spots.

1 - Is the "The" supposed to be capitalized? I am never sure....


  1. "...a (retired) lawyer by profession..." But isn't he in his 30s or so?
    So...Mittens is really Tucker Max. Interesting.

  2. I just listened to 67 yesterday. Was very interesting. He's a bit cut throat for my liking but it was fascinating to hear about the structure of something like the Goons. Wow! Complex!

  3. Oooh, I will have to go grab those episodes. I've heard him on Mumble now and again, but he cannot really get on his box and talk during a fleet op.

  4. I gotta listen to that. I first heard The Mittani on the Eve Radio broadcast when BoB was taken down and then I caught the session he gave talking to Eve University (it's still in the Class Library). The Mittani is entertaining no matter how you feel about Goons.