Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Seismic Beatdown Videos

I finally got the three videos of me humiliating Seismic Stan annotated and uploaded to Youtube.

Here is the first duel:

And Stan's version here.

The second duel:

And the third duel:


  1. nice fights! thanks for frapsing it.

    one short question though:
    how do you get those green target informations next to your target floating in space.

    kind regards, kyalena
    (long time fan, first time poster)

  2. well played sir, different in some aspects than i would have tried but your good fits saw you through. bravo!

  3. @Kya - Re; target info - That will be the subject of today's blog later on.

    @Nashh - In the first two fights, Stan had better fits planned but more practice saw me through. I wish I had Stan's catalyst fit in place of mine, much better thought out.

  4. You were looking for a way to have the camera follow your target. If you turn on "advanced camera menu" under Miscellaneous under Display and Graphics on the esc menu, you'll get a couple new right-click options. One of these is 'set as interest' which will follow whatever you've right clicked on with the camera.