Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tank Tuesday: Bright Spot

Jagdpz IV
So late last week I finally saved up enough credits to dump my StuG III tank destroyer (which I had become bored with due to how fragile and low-punching-power compared to the VK3601 it seemed) and purchased the next tier up tank destroyer, the Jagdpanzer IV.

At first I was vastly disappointed. The stock model could not fit two out of three of my modifications (cammo netting and vents) and I couldn't even upgrade to the long 75mm gun which the StuG mounted. I needed to grind 4000 experience in a tier VI tank practically helpless against tier VI mediums. I was not impressed. However, the matchmaker realized I was gimped and placed me in matches against a lot of tier IV and V tanks and soon I was upgrading the suspension and getting back to the StuG firepower. A few matches later and I mounted the PaK version of the short 88mm with the same beloved damage and penetration as the one on my VK3601 but with 25% faster firing time. Yeeha.

I have to say I appreciated the thicker armour and more hitpoints over the StuG now as well as the bigger bang, but the VK is still my preferred tank.

Speaking of ol' reliable, I have all the equipment unlocked for the beast including the bigger engine, so now I'm grinding the experience and credits for the next tank in the line, the infamous PzKpfw VI Tiger.

It will be my first heavy tank, but despite being a heavy its armour is not much better than the VK3601. It does, however, have a lot more hitpoints and can get the fearsome long 88, a weapon with 203 penetration compared to 132 for the short 88, and slightly better accuracy (but slightly slower rate of fire). I can't wait!


  1. Even with the PaK 88mm the JagdPz IV is known as the least favorable Tier VI tank destroyer there is. I'm glad you still find it acceptable, as I have my own upgrade from StuG to (already unlocked) JagdPz still ahead of me, and I hesitated because of it's low performance.

    Everything past that is pure pwnage though, Jagdpanther, Ferdinand, JagdTiger.

  2. Tiger I... Only worth it as a collector's item and if you want to get the Tiger II.

    Get the Tiger P if you are not in the previously mentioned situations. Also, it's worth the maneuverability tradeoff.