Monday, November 28, 2011

Speedy Little Daemon

My success last week with getting some fights continued into this week much to my pleasant surprise.

I logged in and found Acute Dragonis and Adex III messing around a couple jumps away in a Vengeance and Caldari Navy Hookbill respectively. I debated around what ship to grab in my head and finally settled on giving the Dramiel another flight before Crucible came and dialed it back.

I got to Bosboger and while the other two were getting settled from a previous engagement, I checked out the active faction warfare sites in the system and found a Rifter trying to run one. It was no match. he convoed me afterwards and asked what he could have done better, and I told him basically that your average Rifter was ill-prepared to take on a Dramiel and his best bet is to be spamming the warp button before the Dram is even out of warp.

We moved on after my GCC counted down (not making the same mistake as last week) and ended up in Vard where some tempting targets were to be found. A Thorax and Sentinel were on scan and we warped around trying to find them. At a belt me and Adex spotted the Sentinel and I moved in to tackle him. I got my scrambler on him but BAMM! My cap was drained! I struggled to keep activating the scram and ordered my drones on him as I figured I was tracking disrupted.

Then the Thorax showed up. Uh oh, Adex is reporting on comms that he's still too far out. Am I doomed!? I mean, a Thorax with scram and web and drones could ruin me with the Sentinel draining my cap. But no, the Thorax, realizing his buddy in the Sentinel is doomed and concerned he can't take on two of us, warps off and I finish off the Sentinel with nary a scratch. The electronic warship pilot is careless (or furious) and I catch and dispatch his pod too. Sorry to my fleet mates for not holding the pod for you guys to get on the mail, I was shaking from adrenaline and never thought about it.

Extremely pleased with the night now, we continue to scour Vard for targets and play cat and mouse with a Merlin and Caracal, almost catching the cruiser a couple of times. We realize we are overstaying our welcome but we got greedy and when a Stabber Fleet Issue landed on the complex gate we were guarding, we went all in to try and kill it. That's when the rest of the Minmatar Militia Fleet came in. I got my pod out and we exchanged good fights with them, finding out we almost got that faction Stabber. I wish I had remembered to overheat my guns.

Oh well, I may have lost the ISK war tonight but I had fun and got some fights. All in all, what more can you ask for?

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  1. Heheh... that's my corpie in the Fleet Stabber who got you, Kirith. The Minnie militia appreciates you visiting our systems!