Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Proteus Is A Go

I haven't blathered about skills in a while, so let's go down that path today.

A while back I got a hankering for a good solid blaster fit Proteus, which sucked because I only had Caldari strategic cruisers trained up. So I bit the proverbially bullet and trained up the Gallente strategic cruisers skills. That took a few weeks to train from scratch and just finished on the weekend. Since then I've been cleaning up some level four skills like Capital Ships and Marauders that I meant to finish but never got around to.

However, I'm a bit stuck on what to train next. I already have all of the race's tech II cruisers and tech II large weapons trained for the new battlecruisers, and there are no other new shinies I need training for in Crucible. Well, that's not true. I'm sure some of the new T2 mods will require me finishing off some level Vs so I might have to investigate that. For now, I'm going to slot in some Gunnery level V skills to increase my performance there.

Korannon is in the process of finishing off jump freighter training and still needs a couple levels in jump calibration and jump fuel conservation to make use of the ship cheaper.

And my Wyvern alt, Selia, is still slogging through Fighters V to get that Fighter Bomber skill, especially now since all the Wyvern will be able to use is fighters and fighter-bombers.


  1. I assume you have dessy V ? :)

  2. But of course! That reminds me, need some low sec destroyer fits because, dude, Crucible dessies are going to be nasty.