Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Selling PvP Alt

Due to many reasons, I'm selling my minmatar pvp alt with his 58 mil skillpoints, Kla'strit.

You can see the auction here.

- 58,045,957 points
- -4.07 sec status
- no kill rights
- was not used in scamming or corp theft
- neural remap available
- positive wallet balance
- amarr shuttle is the only asset.
- high Minmatar Republic Fleet standings, able to run level 4 missions (possibly level 5, I can’t recall)

Highlight skills:
Minmatar Battleship V
Minmatar Cruiser V
Command Ships V
Tech 2 Large, Medium Projectiles
High level leadership skills
Covert Ops V and Cyno V for covert cynos

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