Thursday, October 20, 2011

Insanity, Thy Name Is Ripard Teg

Google Reader has this nice functionality where for a blog you subscribe to you can see how many other Google Reader users have subscribed to it, and how many posts per week that feed has.

My average is 6.8 posts per week.

Rixx Javix, a prolific blogger, posts 10.7 times per week.

Ripard "Robot From The Future" Teg posts 15.6 times per week and boasts about how that number is going to go up.
The worst part is that most of his posts are high quality shit. I get about one good post a week, how the hell can he do 10-12? I want to know his method so I can sabotage it and prevent him from becoming the new blogfather. It took me years to knock off Crazy Kinux. I can't do it again.



  1. I was thinking the same earlier. He posted a few months ago about why he's not quitting - he's throwing energy into saving the game. The post was not a lie!

  2. ROFL! This has to be one of your best posts ever!!!

  3. Anonymous11:14 pm

    Followers (at time of this writing):
    Kirith 160
    Jester 91

    You've got a big lead!
    (for now)

    You want to sabotage his blog production? Here's a hint - he doesn't have kids.

  4. i laught out loud and am still chuckling at this 8-). years i tell you YEARS lol

  5. @Luccul, so your saying you need to find him a wife... ?

  6. Anonymous8:39 pm

    @Anabaric, ha ha, but no, he has a wife. Just need to find them some kids.