Monday, October 31, 2011

Improvements In Small Steps

I went out last night in my new Imperial Navy Slicer, equipped to tackle at range and fight from a distance. The fit was borrowed from Lord's Servant and I liked the feel of the little ship as it came around and explored Dal, Siseide, and Egghelende.

I noticed some chatter in Siseide where one river Zateki was apparently just winning a 1v1 versus another pilot. I poked around and finally found him in a Tech I Amarr Arbitrator at the acceleration gate for a Minmatar Stronghold. I primed my MWD and settled into an orbit at 20 kilometers and turned on the Scorch. He launched drones but they were only tech I and I quickly melted them.

However, he also had tracking disruptors and my shots were no where near close enough to hit him at all. I tried diving into 14 kilometers but still no luck. I should have disengaged and came back in something tougher at this point, but hungry for a kill I took a chance that the younger player would be vulnerable in close.

I was horribly wrong. Neuted, pointed, I had neither the capacitor nor tank to make a break for it. Soon I was dead and my pod fleeing the scene of the crime.

I went back to Dal, picked up a Hurricane, and flew back quickly but he warped as soon as he saw the bigger fish. We traded some friendly banter in local and I went back Dal to get something more sneaky in hopes I could catch him unawares. I sat in my Arazu and took a cruise of the system but no Arbitrator was found on scan. I went into Egghelende looking for trouble and saw a cyno on gate. I teamed up with Acute Dragonis to quickly pop the cyno ship before the gate guns could get me (althought Dragonis' Kestrel was not so lucky).

After that river Zateki was in system and was at the Planet I. I snuck up and tried to catch him but he warped before my lock resolved. Ah well. Later on I observed him fighting a Rupture and I tried to land and provide a surprise attack on them both but Zateki got away from the Rupture before I came out of warp and the Rupture ran from me immediately after.

No, no good kills but one loss and one killmail is better than last week.

(All images linked from Evelopedia)


  1. The Slicer is a nice boat. This is the current fit I'm flying (fit stolen from Don Pellegrino).

    [Imperial Navy Slicer, Don's slicer]
    Pseudoelectron Containment Field I
    Overdrive Injector System II
    Co-Processor II
    Tracking Enhancer II
    Heat Sink II

    Catalyzed Cold-Gas I Arcjet Thrusters
    Warp Disruptor II

    Medium Pulse Laser II, Scorch S
    Medium Pulse Laser II, Scorch S
    [empty high slot]

    Small Low Friction Nozzle Joints I
    Small Semiconductor Memory Cell I
    Small Energy Metastasis Adjuster I

    Personally I've found the extra point range to be very helpful. Less chance of derping into scram range lol.

  2. OMG Kirith mentioned me in his blog! I'm famous!

    HI MOM!!!! \o/

    All joking aside, arbitrators are a risky business with a slicer in general. They can project dps out at range with light drones, and ofc they have the tracking disruptor bonus.

    You NEVER NEVER EVER close range in a slicer for ANY reason whatsoever (unless you've been flying it for ages and know EXACTLY who/what you're shooting like that time I raped the cormorant.)

    In other news glad to see you tried it, and I really think you should fly it some more :)

    Vs other frigs its generally overload everything for the entire duration of the fight, most frigs won't last very long anyhoo vs ur relatively absurd ranged dps :)

    Also in general, your one weakness is your capacitor does NOT last long at all. When engaging ships with higher tank/ehp that won't fold in 20 seconds, its best to only pulse mwd as needed. Good cap management can literally make the difference between life and death in this ship.

    A general rule of thumb is - if you're taking pretty much any damage, urdoingitwrong(tm). The DCU is only there for other slicers and for when ur engaging multiple targets and ur likely to get scrammed/shot up no matter what u do.