Friday, August 05, 2011

Vacation Looms!

Point the First:

I am off work next week. Not only that, I'm going camping in the woods. No Eve, no internet, not even email or cell phone. Incommunicado unless you have messenger ravens or jungle drums.

As such, blog and podcast will be silent. When I get back, we'll talk about the system that BMTHOKK II will be held in (somewhere in Placid Region folks) and get ready for the event. I suggest for maximum funnage you get a slew of frigates setup in Stacmon and set your clone for that system before the event. I'm just saying *wink*.

Point the Second:

Last night via the magic tablet and remote software, I loaded up my alt's Orca with a selection of ships destined for Providence fleets with m3 Corp. I am taking:

- Arazu recon for scouting, tackling, and some solo hunting if need be (long range points rock)
- Ishtar for HAC roams until I get a vagabond up and running.
- Manticore for bombing fun.
- Crow for more intecepting
- Eris for bubbling
- Ishkur for when I want a frigate with a bit more bite and shell over an inty
- Dramiel - just because I want to try the flavour of the month before it gets nerfed

I plan to get one more Eve night to pvp before camping. *crosses fingers*

Point the Third:

Yes there will be a Fiction post today to hold you over. Last week's got bumped by a team lunch and a lot of work. My bad.

Point the Fourth:

For the curious, screenshots from my tablet while running Eve over the remote connection to my PC. Click to see full sized.
Zoomed out.

Zoomed in to 100%.

Navigating is pretty easy but laggy.


  1. Thanks for sharing the Tablet project details! That looks awesome, I need a tablet EVE client.

  2. Anonymous11:00 am

    Whenever I use remote desktop, I have to play from the overview with the solar system map up.