Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Sunday night started off shitty, but ended on a high note.

I logged in resolved to join my corp mates back down in Providence region. Although I was very hesitant to go back there for a third time, early reports from the corp suggested that being there without being directly tied to CVA through anything but blue standings was working for now. So I spent some time getting ships out of the Wyvern to pick from later for an Orca shuttling, and then bought a Dramiel to fly down to Provi so I could try out the flavour of the year with my new Minmatar skills.

The Dramiel was in Stacmon and I had it and a MWD in station. I was going to hop back out to low sec to fit it up, but a combination of carelessness, distraction, and "Oh SHIT" panic turned me into a killboard statistic outside of the station as I tried to warp off right away and got caught by a patient camping Cynabal pilot.

*facepalm* I really should know better. At least it was not fitted to the nines.

Embarrassed and humbled, I picked an interceptor from my collection, a nimble Malediction, and wound my way quickly to Providence just in time to join a corp gang. Our composition was four Vagabonds, an Eris interdictor, a Scimitar logistics, my inty, and a covops scout. We toured around Provi for a bit looking for a fight we could win, and ran into a Broadsward and a Harbinger guarding a gate into a constellation pocket.

We got the Broadsword aggressed since he was keeping his bubble up constantly and out covops snuck in and tried to warp in it, and we jumped in and rushed them. The Harbinger jumped through the gate and ran, but the Broadsword couldn't so he warped off. All signs pointed to rookie pilot though as he appeared to warp to a planet and the sharp eyes of our covops picked which one. He warped to the planet at 50 km, another pilot warped to the customs office, and I warped at zero.


I landed right on top of the tech II cruiser and laid my point on him. I held him until the rest of the gang arrived and as his drones started chewing on me I warped out. He exploded as enemy reinforcements arrived and we made an exit with no losses. I had to log but the fleet did go on to kill a Megathron a bit later.

Sadly, that Heavy Interdictor was my first kill in 2 and a half months. Its been a rough summer for me, let's hope there is more kills in the coming fall.

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  1. If you ever want to head down to the AZBG-H Constellation (http://evemaps.dotlan.net/map/Providence/AZBG-H)in your inty, I am always up for a 1v1 honoure duel in my 'Ranis. No Drams, though. They're cheating.

    Example Honoure Duel: http://www.minmatar.co.uk/killboard/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=3252