Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Still Tanking

I'm still jumping into World of Tanks when I get little chances and feel I'm getting better in the random battles to the point where I'm confident of getting a kill almost every match in my Tank Destroyer and Artillery tanks, but still struggling with the concept of the light tank scout.

My "main" tank, the one I play most often to get the most experience for, is my tier III Marder II tank destroyer. With upgraded gun and some binoculars for longer viewing range, I can act like a nice sniper. I typically find a spot forward from our base but not as front line as our battle tanks and support the engagement from afar. I might lost some punching power, but even at half a kilometer I can punch through tier III and IV tanks easily and threaten tier Vs. I like to pick a spot in a bush near some hard cover for ducking behind and with a view of two likely approach routes.

I'm getting to the point where I can get one kill at least with a couple damages on others every match, and getting 2 kills is more common every day. Sometimes I get on fire (I mean figuratively as you can literally get on fire in your tank) and get 3 or 4 kills and once I picked up 5 kills.

My secondary tank flips between the artillery and the light tank, but I have more fun with my artillery (aka self propelled gun or SPG), currently a tier III Sturmpanzer II. Its not a well liked version of SPG due to limitations but I enjoy the ability to have a bird's eye view and drop little packets of doom on targets heads. Unfortunately, artillery tends to get matched up against a wider tier range and I have to be careful not to target the big tier 7 tanks as I can barely hurt them.

The rest of the time I run around in my light tank, a tier III PzKpfw 38(t). I have not got a good handle on scouting as I tend to end up dead a lot with few kills, damages, or even spotting. I'm too weak for the first two and often too cautious for the last, but I'm starting to get the hang of it. Just this morning I put eyes on a flank, spotted a rusher trying to flank to our artillery position and chased him until my damage and a friendly TD killed him. Then I did an end round run into their artillery and killed two before I was finally put down.

As you can see, I'm all tier III right now but I do have the tier IV tank destroyer unlocked, the popular Hetzer, but I'm short credits to afford it yet. Another gaming session will get me enough to buy one assuming I sell my sweet Marder II in the process.


  1. Wait. This isn't eve?!

  2. I forked out for the gold P38. It's a very good tank and it's very cheap. I also felt I'd had enough fun to want them to at least see some money in return for the entertainment they provided me.

  3. Nashh is trying to get into your computerz and steal your eve!!!!

  4. I finally finished grinding thru the T-28 (leads up to the KV). At one point I had a great fight where I actually got 7 kills on that beast. This is unusual because that tank has paper thin armor and usually doesn't last beyond 1.2 kills. or so.

  5. I've got the Pz38nb or something, and it was a bitch to get into. I don't think I'll ever get into a PzIV. WoT is such a grind.

  6. WoT is great, ive basically left eve for it... and Mount/Blade. But hetzer is great. my best game ever i got 6 kills with mine with the 10.5cm upgraded gun.

    now im stuck on tier 4-6 on different tanks. KV is a painfully slow thing to upgrade but a solid tank with upgraded guns. got 5 kills the other day in it when i was seeded top on my team.

    base gun for the priest is horrible range, medium damage but highly accurate, but upgrade provides great range.

    stug 3, im sort of torn between, the hetz was more fun. just a few tanks i like :)