Monday, August 22, 2011

Bring Me The Head Of Kirith Kodachi II - Results

Take That Tama!

So the event went off last night and the very first thing I want to do is thank the kind souls who came out in my defence, all 11-15 of you in my fleet. Over 230 people in local at the height of the event and almost all of them intent on my death.

Our little defence fleet was overwhelmed quickly at the spot I picked, 100 km below the Pelille III station with a nice view of the rings, and I didn't realize I screwed up my voice comms when I disabled it in one client and not the other. I was talking, guys, really!

As for the attackers, there seemed to be at least three main fleets - Noir (30), Rote Kapelle (21), and Rooks and Kings (25) - and a few smaller groups and lots of individuals judging by the killmail. From what I can tell on my screen and reports I got from eyes around the system, the three big fleets played cat and mouse with each other for about 10 minutes after I landed until Rooks and Kings made a move to land on top of me and at once shoot me and rep me if anyone else came by. Whether that was a tactic to try and ensure the most damage award or simply to see if anyone was going to up the ante with an all in assault or hot drop, I don't know.

A few times my shields were depleted and I went into low armour but the Guardians of RnK kept me going until finally, around 9:40 pm I hit structure and then it was quickly over. Final tally on my killmail was 162 involved parties. The pod was popped without much adieu as well.

I did have fraps running most of the time so I will have a video in a week or so up, and a couple screenshots are coming.

On to the Prizes!

  • Final Blow on Chimera: Pirate Faction Battleship of winner's choice provided by Somer Lotteries - Supertintin57 of Rooks and Kings
  • Most Damage on Chimera: Blood Raiders Ashimmu cruiser + Sansha Succubus frigate + Imperial Navy Slicer - Trooper H of Rooks and Kings
  • Kirith Kodachi Podmail: 1 PLEX provided by Somer Lotteries - Rhamnousia of Rooks and Kings with 283161 points of damage (13.79% of total)
  • Most damage on Carrier killmail done by a Tech 1 or Faction Frigate - Caldari Navy Hookbill with modules donated by Merchantus of Pheonix Rising Fleet, MODE Alliance - Nidia Masters of Noir. Mercenary Group using an Ibis rookie ship
  • Second most damage on Carrier killmail done by a Tech 1 or Faction Frigate - Minmatar Republic Fleet Firetail donated by Gallente Hero Channel- Zen'tau of Blue Republic in a Rifter
  • Most damage on Carrier killmail done by a Tech 1 cruiser - Fleet Issue Stabber donated by Eve Stratics - Jediknarf of Insidious Logistics in a Caracal
I'll contract the prize I have in Stacmon out tonight when I get home from work and I'll contact Somer Lotteries for the two killmail prizes today.

For the final three categories below, I'll require pilots to submit themselves with killboard links as I don't have time to browse all 250+ killmails to see who the winner is. Evemail or email me if you think you qualify.
  • Final blow on most valuable kill (besides the carrier) during the event - any T3 Strategic Cruiser with 5 Subsystems of you choice, donated by Lone Star Explorations
  • Pilot on most killmails during the event - Navy Vexor donated by Planetary Genocide 
  • Most Noob Ships Lost during Event - Two Primae donated by Project Halibut channel
Thanks to everyone who came out, hope you had a good time or at least got some good screenshots (Angus).

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  1. Just so you know this was all anyone was talking about yesterday, lots of plans in the air so I'm not sure how many of them came about in the end. Sadly that hour on a Sunday is never a good time for this evil pirate, but I did fan the flames as much as I could for you.

    I am happy to see two of our pilots on the killmail, as well as many other pilots I know. Sounds like it was a huge success. Congrats.

  2. From us at SRSLY, thanks for a fun time.

  3. You'll be amused to hear that you disrupted an incursion fleet assembling to kill a low-sec mom as well. Lots of people debating whether to shoot you or the mom. ;-)

  4. i saw from both of the killmail only sentries and T2 drones only? no fighter? care to elaborate?

  5. I launch the Fighters as I'm going into structure so people have the option of picking them up if they so desire.

  6. pls if u do this again could u do it on a friday or saturday night so that ppl who work in the EU could take part