Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Goggles, They Do Nothing!

So last night I bought some goggles from the noble exchange:
For flying fast to avoid space dust.
This is a lottery for one set of GDN-9 'Nightstalker' Goggles purchased from the Noble Exchange store. They are located in Gallente high sec, Stacmon system in Placid Region. See my profile image for an example.

EDIT: Winner will receive contract of goggles and have two weeks to redeem.

There are 40 tickets and can be purchased for 10,000,000 ISK each.

To purchase a ticket send ISK to Kirith Kodachi with a reason of "NinveahLottery7" to be tracked properly through SOMER's Lottery service. Link to lottery site can be found here.

The winning number has been secured using Chribba's locked dice and a link to the roll can be found here and on the lottery page.

If you have any questions I can be evemailed or reached on twitter at kirithkodachi.
If you want to try and be cool like me, think about buying a ticket of two in the lottery. ;-)

Well hello there handsome!


  1. Gosh that's brave of you, aren't you now going to be hunted by bitter vets?

  2. IF I could put them on my head then I'd be interested. I don't want them covering my lovely eyes :P

  3. For 10,000,000 ISK I would want them to shoot rainbows from the eyes and take down unicorns in a single stare.