Friday, July 22, 2011

Fiction Friday Rollup

I've copied the first three Fiction Friday series and the interludes into an unedited compiliation in Google Docs called "Eve Online Fiction - Erratic Behaviour".

For those not aware, it was written as a weekly series of posts every Friday starting on Oct 9, 2009 and finished on March 25, 2011. Some posts were only a few paragraphs, others much longer. As such, reading straight through might seem like the flow of the story telling is very disjointed. I plan to go through and edit it all very heavily to make a real novel, but for now you have to put up with it.

At just over 49,000 words it is average novel length so don't expect to read it all in one sitting. And yes, I feel these three parts make up one cohesive story overall.


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