Monday, July 18, 2011

Cruising The Placid

Last night I logged in and found myself alone in corp chat. Must all be off playing World of Tanks or something like that. Ah well, I planned to do some solo roaming anyways.

I wanted to cruise my old stomping grounds around Placid and I knew I would be dealing with gate guns more often than not, so I went with a trusty old Myrmidon while I shook off rust. The battlecruiser is equipped with dual armour reps and a cap booster so it can take a bit of abuse. So I went looking for trouble.

I realize that Sunday nights are not exactly prime time for people, too late in the weekend for the hardcore gamers and still part of the weekend for the casual players, but I was shocked at how few people in space I actually ran into, and super shocked at the sheer number of POS towers there are. Low sec is not a failed ecosystem, just a largely boring one (at least for me last night).

In one system I was trying to hunt down on other pilot and took a chance he was at a belt that was just out of directional scanner range. I didn't find any pilot but I did stumble across a Shadow Serpentis battlecruiser faction spawn. I quickly dispatched it and picked up some faction loot for my troubles including a Shadow Serp Warp Scrambler. \o/

In another system, there was actually a ratter in a Drake! I warped in on him but he was not new at this game and warped out before I could grab a lock. Damn. We chatted a bit back and forth in local about how I needed to get up pretty early in the morning to catch him, and I carried on. A couple systems later there was a Thanatos carrier in a safespot but since I had no scan probes and no backup, I was forced to move on. I might go back and check again next week though.

So all in all for two hours of roaming I got a fluke faction spawn and one alert Drake pilot to show for it. Now I realize southern Placid is not the idea roaming space but man, I was a little taken aback at how quiet it was. Perhaps northern Placid is a little busier.


  1. "So all in all for two hours of roaming I got a fluke faction spawn and one alert Drake pilot to show for it."

    I'll let these words speak for themselves.

  2. Ive been sitting down in Placid for some time and it was rather busy at EU/US rush hours and most people will be alert. Especially with Invicta just around the corner ;-)

  3. ...And if you aren't alert, you're dead :)

  4. It's either feast or famine in lowsec. Some days you catch Faction fit plexing Tengu's in your home system. Other days lowsec is a ghost town.