Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bring Me The Head Of Kirith Kodachi II - Date Announced

Even decapitated I'm better looking than Roc Wieler...
First off, let me apologize to my European readers who were hoping that the sequel to the wildly fun and successful BMTHOKK live event would be on the weekend in a more accessible time zone. Unfortunately, the kids are at an age where getting two quite hours in the afternoon for me on a weekend is impossible. I tried to arrange it but I have a lot of family obligations and its not really fair to load my wife with more child care work after she's been at home with them for five solid days already.

That being said, I picked a date and announcing it today! The date will be...

Sunday, Aug 21 at 9:00 pm EST (which is Monday, Aug 22, at 0100 Eve Time).

For those not familiar with what happened last winter, you can catch up here in old posts. Essentially what I will be doing to taking a Caldari Chimera carrier to a celestial object (i.e. planet, asteroid belt, customs office) in a low sec system (to be announced closer to the date) and letting people shoot me until I am dead. I will be fighting back of course, and since my sec status is so low you will not take a sec status hit for shooting me this time.

The prizes for Most Damage, Final Blow, and Podmail final blow will be announced closer to the date as well.

Some people will come and defend me, I'm sure, like they did last time, and generally a lot of ships get blown up and fun is had.

If you are a fan of the event, I'd appreciate spreading the word on your podcasts and/or blogs and/or internal forums. :)

Feel free to use the above image or this one, done by the inestimable Rixx Javix:

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  1. Anonymous1:17 pm

    You are definitely better looking than Roc Wieler.

  2. Dammit, I spelled that last name wrong... this was after I said, "no, e before i in his name" when writing it. :( Fixing now...

  3. I am really going to try and make this one, especially now that I'mma will piwate and all. trolololol

  4. o man so wanna make it for this!

  5. im going to train up my noob account just to kill you nashh kadavr :P

  6. Most happy to see the event return mate. Dunno if I can make it (not that I ever am), but I hope everyone has a blast.