Monday, June 06, 2011

About Face!

So there I was, admiring my Abaddon Hellcat that I was looking forward to taking out into battle soon when my mail icon flashed. Alliance mail, is it? I opened the new entry and saw to my dismay... new fleet setups.

*forehead slap*

It seems that for various reasons we are going to a number of new fleet setups and I am seriously lacking in having ships for them. The Maelstrom alpha fleet is making a comeback and with Kal'strit out of the action I'm forced to admit that maybe its time I train the two weeks to get the basic Maelstrom and Large Projectile skills.

For the meantime,ships that fits in with the new fleet doctrines and that I can fly are the usual suspects: interceptors, interdictors, Onyx, Vulture... I have the first three, might pick me up a Vulture to add some variety. Also, Tengu fleets might be a possibility in the future so I'm tempted to refit my Tengu for PvP in these fleets. Its pretty close already and only a few changes to make it ready.

As for the rest of the 20 or so ships in my hanger, I'll be keeping them handy for small gang stuff as needed.

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  1. I hate the whole mandatory fleet setup idea. I mean, I understand why they do it, but I don't like it.