Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tweaks My Ass

Dear CCP,
Changing the size of a cargohold is a tweak. Adjusting the mass of a ship is a tweak. Even changing the damage formula for Fighter Bombers was mostly just a tweak.

A wholesale change of jump bridge networks and what ships can use them is not a tweak. Acting like it is just a little change is kind of insulting.

OK, now that that pet peeve is out of the way, let's address the changes themselves.

I feel that in isolation these changes are questionable. I agree that putting some risk into using jump bridges to travel distances is fair; but I minorly disagree with the method picked of one jump bridge per system. I talked about a while back how I would rather divorce jump bridges from POS and have them be visible to all as a celestial and I think that would have been less extreme while still making them more risky to use.

I think that limiting them to one per system is a nerf to the upgrade Advanced Logistics module that goes in the IHub, and its daily cost to upkeep is not changed. Thus extensive jump bridge networks are almost twice as expensive and a lot less safe.

All that being said, I can live with this change.

But my biggest beef to these changes is that they are not part and parcel of a nerf to supercarrier and titan jump portal force projection methods. In fact, they become more powerful in comparison as they allow a force with titans and supercarriers to easily outmaneuver a defender using jump bridges due to the element of surprise and tactical flexibility.

With no eye towards CCP's end game of 0.0 changes and no idea how or when they plan to address titans and supercarriers, I feel these changes should have been tabled until a comprehensive plan is in place. And if a plan is in place and in motion, they should give us a hint as to what it is because right now it feels very out of touch with the common null sec pilot, especially on the heels of the anomaly nerf.

All in all I want some carrot to go with the last two sticks.

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  1. Well, JBs will be half as useful, but at least you'll be able to buy a kitty or a pony for your captain's quarters.