Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Great Skill Hardening of 2011

I've trained up a lot of characters and one thing I've noticed is that at some point you need to go back and train up skills you should have higher but got distracted from before you finishing training them. Its hard to stay the course for some tier 5+ skills to get them to IV or V, but the benefits are so significant that you really should go back and do them... right after X, Y, and Z.

Well, once I completed the Amarr Cruiser V skill and got access to the Zealot, Guardian, Absolution, and Damnation (amoungst others) I figured it was time to be a responsible supercapital pilot and go back and take care of some skills I only trained to IV.

Like Jump Drive Calibration: you can function nicely in a carrier with JDC IV but the shorter range of the dreadnought and supercarrier kind of merit the 39 days or so to get that last level in the skill. I've been working on the skill and will be finished in just over 12 days. High fives!

After that, I'm going to queue up Fighter Bombers V which is a 49 day skill. *groan* But it gives a 20% (!) increase in damage which is like adding four additional Fighter Bombers to my flight of 20. In other words, it takes my estimated DPS from 7200 to 8000.

Then there is Capital Ships skill which I am going to get to IV with 8 days of training. It will give a 5% bonus to agility for all three caps I can fly so worth the effort. Then Marauders IV; I don't rat very often and I use a Tengu when I do, but it feels wrong to leave it at III.

On my supercarrier alt Selia I'm also filling in back skills and levels, getting her up to a Tech II shield tank with capital shield booster, improvements to energy skills and engineering skills, navigation, etc. Ideally some day she will be able to use the Wyvern in a combat situation herself but that is a long way off as she lacks any drone skills and does not have the fancy implants or anything.

Finally, Korannon got to the Tech II transport ships and Orca but lacked a lot of basic module skills as well. So he is in the throes of backfilling too, working on engineering and navigation skills with Energy Management V currently in the queue with 10.5 days left.

There may be no new shinies coming to me any time soon but I haven't had any chance to play with Tech II Amarr ships yet so I'm not worried about that.


  1. There's a movie named after all of EVE's skill training. It's called "The Never-ending Story". :))

  2. The EVE Skill plan: trade off between "make what I use better" and "ooo, shiney!"

  3. Funny, I've been doing the same thing with my Navigation and Gunnery skills. Trajectory Analysis V is my last gunnery support, and then Acceleration Control and High Speed Maneuvering to V. After that subcap navigation is 100%, and gunnery support is 100%. After playing for almost 4 years now...

  4. Fighter bombers V is even better than you think. 120% of 7200DPS would actually be 8640DPS!!

  5. For some reason I don't see the use in Trajectory Analysis 5, then again, I'm a Gallente pilot. Falloff isn't too much of an issue......or was it optimal range..I forget.

  6. @ Enigmatic Erebus

    its optimal range. Its one of those skills you don't appreciate until you have it, like targeting V and Multitasking.

    As a gallente pilot, it was worth it for me.