Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yes, I Do Actually Play This Game

Last night my "game night" looked to be shot as SWMBO had a rough afternoon with the Carebear Brigade and the house was a mess after they were in bed, and she was feeling under the weather. I postponed my night in lieu of dishes, a metric shit-tonne of dishes.

So instead of hitting the computer at 8 pm, I sat down at 9:30 and logged in to record the podcast with any comments from the peanut gallery in Ninveah channel.

"Kirith! Get in fleet now!"


Before I knew it, the Wyvern's yellow alert sounded and I met at the rally POS. Turns out a failed / infiltrated sov transfer of a system in Vale of the Silent region got borked and Solar Fleet took control and planted structures and towers. Looks like a second front opened up for the Geminate War.
Click to Engiganticate.
 After we did some reinforcement and service disruption in Vale, we moved to the Forever War system of O2O in Geminate and reinforced some towers which went really fast with the dreadnought and supercap fleet we had going. We took down some POS modules to give killmail evidence for accounting purposes to our respective alliances.

You could tell I was rusty because early on in the evening I started cursing in our corp channel we have for communicating during these ops.

Me - "Dammit, I left some of my fighter bombers behind! I warped too soon!"

Solio - "Um, don't they follow you in warp?"

Me - "... Yeah, right. LOL!"

Sigh. Only solution is to get in more fleets!


  1. LOL. Sigh, been alot of that around here lately as well.

  2. lol I wondered if one of those wyverns was you. I was in the subcap fleet for the "Forever War" part of that.