Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Recruitment Video

Here is the second draft based on feedback from corp mates and people in the community who saw the first one. A big thanks for the feedback too.

Its not exactly where I want it to be: my footage library is still small and heavily leaning towards BMTHOKK and some cap fleets I was in for structure bashing (not exactly riveting), and I'm still getting the hang of editing and transitions. But it felt cleaner and I can see that once I get some small fleet footage and some more scenic shots it will get better. Also, bonus: no PvE combat footage :)

The director in charge of recruiting is pleased with it and wants it to go to wider distribution.


(NOTE on music: Its more of the typical Eve heavy rock / numetal but the guys like it and it has spunk. )

1 comment:

  1. Better :) It's still a bit long relative the to available footage, but that probably can't be helped at the moment. The music has dynamic in both melody and volume, which is good.

    I would have done the ending a bit differently: Transition to the m3-landscape, over that fade in (don't scroll) the Credits, fade to the channel contact information; and only then fade out the m3 landscape, leaving the contact text as the last thing in the video.