Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Man's Perogative

So I changed my mind about training for and saving up for a jump freighter. Just too impatient I guess.

I got Amarr Cruiser V and realized there were a few support skills I really should train up to be a better capital pilot. So Tactical Logistical Reconfiguration went into the queue, to be followed by Jump Drive Calibration V, Fighter Bombers V, and Capital Ships IV. I know, I know, JDC V should have been a higher priority but it wasn't until recently I felt the pain of not having it. Regardless, I'm doing them now.

For Korannon, I have been going back and forth between several options that I finally decided to just up his basic skills which were lacking. Shield skills, energy skills, and navigation skills for more hitpoints, more cap, and more propulsion mods. Then I have to figure out what to do next with him. I'm leaning towards planetary interaction skills to make another passive income stream.

* * * * *

So what to do with the money I've got saved up if not for the Rhea? I opted to invest in a researched Chimera blueprint original so that I can assist with the corp efforts to start a capital ship building program.

* * * * *

In planetary interaction news, my two robotic resource planets were running afoul of depleted resources for base metals and chiral structures, so I took an opportunity a couple nights back to reconfigure the two colonies from scratch in new locations on the planet. So far only one oops when I forgot to route reactive metals back to the launchpad but I caught that the first day. Looks like volume is up for now and should keep my factories busy.

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  1. TutTut Kirith.. You should know better then to fly a super without JDCV ;)