Thursday, March 03, 2011

Life In The North

Well, m3 Corp has been in the north for over a month and I'm happy to report that we seem to be thriving. Lots of PvP, first in Pure Blind and Fountain then in Geminate as the Drone Russian Forces staged a massive attack that the NC has pushed back, slowly but surely.

The greatest issue facing the corp right now is securing a source of major income to not only pay alliance taxes but to provide capital for internal projects. Since we're new to the area the good moons are all spoken for so we're out of luck there. We're discussing several options.

Personally I've been funding myself on the robotics and coolant production in Hades wormhole, and writing again for the Eve Tribune. I'm really proud of this week's article (not out yet, I'll link when it is) and I plan to put it on my Eve Master Class list.

Along those lines, m3 Corp is actively recruiting PvP pilots who want to be part of a cohesive corp with pew pew in mind. Check us out at our recruitment page and in game in the "m3_public" channel.


  1. As a former M3 Corp pilot I can honestly say that you'd be hard pressed to find a better group of people to fly with. Honest, loyal and dedicated to the corp and their ideals. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for that sort of thing.

    That's honest. The rest comes down to personal preference and whatnot, but that doesn't change the facts.

  2. The only thing I know about living up north is that it is f$%@ing cold in Montreal today :))

    Seriously though, I'm just skimmed the recruitment page and M3 sounds interesting. I'm getting my internet back tonite and I'm still in the process of settling into my new place (plus have kids this weekend) but I should be resuming my corp shopping soon.

  3. Anonymous8:54 pm

    I'll plug this too. I was in M3 for a while and I readily recommend the corp. Other time commitments forced me to drop out, but with regret. I still don't have the time to spare to fairly contribute to a 0.0 corp, otherwise I'd be first in line.

    Beware that KK fella though...

    ... just kidding :D

  4. Wait, PI and writing for Eve Tribue supported your carrier purchases and PVP ships all these months?

  5. My current purchases which have been some skillbooks and an Orca. I also get paid ISK for writing for E-ON magazine which paid for the BMTHOKK carrier and mods.